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New bloggers have so many tasks to do to get a blog up and running that it can be overwhelming. To make matters worse most of us aren't graphic designers, nor can we afford to pay for professional services when we're first starting out in our blogging journey.

Luckily, many custom blog templates are available to take the bulk design work off your plate. However, you'll also want to have an attractive logo to begin branding your blog.

There are several websites that offer free logo creation services. Most of them are very user friendly and each offers different styles which are only limited by your creativity.


Here are 5 great websites to create free logos for your blog:

CoolText.com - CoolText is a great place to make small logos with creative lettering. They are a bit limited in styles, but their platform is extremely user friendly and you can generate a logo in seconds.

CoolText Sample

LogoMaker.com - LogoMaker is a bit more sophisticated, but professional-looking logos can be made easily by anyone. You're allowed 6 free logo designs before you must pay for high resolution files. This site is recommended for those who plan to do more than just making a single logo.

LogoMaker Samples

BannerFans.com - BannerFans is a great website that allows you to make custom text logos and banner ads.  Its user-friendly interface allows you to customize the size of the logo (banner) and offers a large variety of text fonts and a full color hex spectrum.

BannerFans Sample

GraphicSprings.com - GraphicSprings is a free logo design site that provides a large library of Icons to use. The design options are limited, but for those looking to just make a simple, classy logo with an emblem/icon to enhance the title, this is your logo designer.

Sample of what can be done at GraphicSprings
PicMonkey.com - PicMonkey is a free photo editor website which has become very popular for people who like to make image memes. Memes are basically a photo with text on it. This same concept can easily be used to make your logo or header banner for your blog, particularly if you're using an image for the background. PicMonkey is simple to use and its free features are sufficient for making attractive finished products, however their pay service opens up a variety of extra features. Their premium membership is only $33/year.

Simple Sample of PicMonkey's options

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