10 Guerrilla Marketing Tips for Your Blog

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There are many ways enhance traffic to your blog. Some of them will bring immediate traffic, while others may just be building backlinks to your blog and expanding your overall reach.

Many of these guerrilla marketing tips will also enhance your search engine visibility. All of these tasks have value, but they require time. So it's best to test these tactics through trial and error to see which ones work best for your blog's topic.

Here are ten sure-fire ways to start driving traffic to your blog today:

1. Topic-focused forums: Since you’re passionate about your subject, you probably already engage in popular forums related to it. Make your website name the signature at forums and drop links to related articles on your site when appropriate. The more you engage in these forums, the more visitors will follow your information.


2. Comment sections on large websites: Again, use your blog’s name as your username to make comments under relevant articles on large websites. Don’t just spam sites with links. Write genuine comments in response to an article. Most major websites have their comment sections set up with “no follow” links which means search engines will not recognize the anchor text in the backlink. So it’s only worthwhile for you to put intriguing or informative comments that may entice people to click your link. Some website's comment sections, like Commentluv, automatically include an RSS link to your latest article.

3. Post links on social networking sites: Besides your articles feeding your Facebook page, many fan sites will allow you to post links on their wall. Take advantage when you have a new article. Be respectful, and keep to a couple of links a week. Also, drop links in other social networks where you don’t have a direct feed. Every little bit counts.

4. Post answers: Places like Yahoo! Answers and YouTube allow you to answer questions or give video responses. Make sure you link to your site in your profiles, the resource box, and under your answer or video response.

5. Mainline forums: Reddit.com and Fark.com are huge forums that can drive significant traffic. Reddit has a share button which helps because visitors can post your link and boost your votes there. Fark arbitrarily chooses which links they'd like to promote, but it only takes seconds to submit them.  Both forums require some engagement to maintain good status with them.

6. Ping your blog posts: To alert search engines of your new blog posts, use free ping services such as Pingler.com and Pingoat.com.

7. Create a Hub: Repost your original material at article hubs. Or create a hub page or lens about your blog subject and drop links here and there. Go to HubPages.com or Squidoo.com. The sites are also article revenue sharing sites that pay you for traffic.

8. Press releases: Write a press release about the launch of your site, a current project or news related to you topic and submit them to free press release distribution sites like PRweb.com. Make sure you write it properly and avoid too much salesmanship. If you get two links back to your site in a press release, that’s a victory. Press releases also have the potential to go super viral if you opt for the wide distribution plans.

9. Get business cards: Like they say, “Don’t dress for the job you have today, dress for the job you want tomorrow.” Even if you have a day job, get business cards made up for your blog. Make sure they’re creative and pass them out at all occasions. If you treat your blog like a credible enterprise it will become one.

10. Exchange links or banners with other bloggers: In addition to sharing content with other relevant blogs, ask to exchange links with them or even banners. Make banners for free at Picmonkey.com

There are countless more ways to drive traffic to your blog, but those listed above have a proven track record.

Tell us your guerilla techniques in the comment section below.  Your links are allowed ;)

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