Do You Make $3500/month From Your Blog?

J.P. Hicks

About a year ago I helped a friend start a new blog. At the time he was unemployed and if not for a simple lifestyle and his wife's job, they would have been in tough financial shape. He knew nothing about building or monetizing a blog, but his goal was to make it his full-time income.

Driven by passion for his blog subject -- enlightenment and self healing -- he began his journey of creating his blog. During this time, his unemployment was almost a blessing as he spent each day learning the basics of custom templates, hosting and advertising avenues.

Within one month he had an active blog with a nice custom design.  Since then, he worked diligently to write and post good material each day.  He slowly reached out to potential contributors who added diversity to his content. Along the way, his stats began creeping up, social media fans began following his blog, and loyal readers began to emerge.

About six months into the project, he made $1000 income for the month. Still, he was somewhat disappointed and discouraged.  In fact, he even questioned whether the hard work was worth the effort. After all, it had been countless hours of dedication for far less than minimum wage.

Yet he continued to plug away, again driven by passion for his topic. Now, he sought out industry leading websites that share relevant content from lessor sites like his. To his surprise, many of these sites began consistently linking to his material which brought in many new visitors to his blog.

With renewed enthusiasm, he began to figure out which advertising vehicles were the best producing.  He primarily ran Google ads and various affiliate programs, and he focused on the placements that made the most money.

Then disaster struck ten months into his blogging adventure. His wife lost her job. This meant their only form of income would come from this blog.  But there was a silver lining.

The blog now had two full-time employees instead of one. His wife now focused all of her professional expertise into the blog and the effort really paid off.

My friend informed me that his blog has made over $3500 per month over the last two months, almost exactly a year after he started it.  And because they live a very simple lifestyle, this is enough to cover their living expenses.  But, now, with two of them working on it, they realize that there is even more potential.

So for those of you who don't believe it's possible to make a full-time income from your blog, remember that it just takes time and dedication, and it will happen if you maintain your focus. Just when you think all your hard work may not be worth the effort, that's when you need to muster the strength to keep plugging away.

J.P. Hicks is an info-activist, pro blogger, editor of Blog Tips and author of a book about blogging. Follow @ Twitter, or like on Facebook and get the FREE ebook SEO For Bloggers.

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