2 Reasons Apple Has Jumped the Shark

J.P. Hicks

I don't usually use this platform to talk about technology, but I have to vent to someone.  First, by no means am I an expert on technology nor am I a gadget geek.

However, I appreciate quality products especially when they improve my life. And when I have a quality product I do my best to take care of it.

In my opinion, Apple has 'jumped the shark' (a reference to when something has reached the tipping point of it's popularity, originally based on when the TV show Happy Days started to go downhill).

I know plenty of people who love their Mac computers and swear they are the best. I have always been a PC guy and they have always served me well with the limited range of tasks that I use a computer for.  But our household has two iPhone 3s and an iPad 1.

I know, I'm a dinosaur compared to the geeks who always have to have the latest gadgets. Yet, the phones always served their purpose for us and my kids get plenty of enjoyment from the iPad. That is until recently.

My recent experience combined with my analysis of the latest Apple news has led me to believe they are indeed finished as an industry leader.

Here are the two reasons I think Apple has jumped the shark:

Fonzie jumping a shark in a leather jacket signified the end of Happy Days.
1. Planned Obsolescence: Apple's planned obsolescence has gone too far. Some people have been complaining about this with Apple for years, but it finally struck home with me and I'm pissed off about it. Like I said, I take care of my stuff and want them to last as long as possible. I only use my iPhone for a narrow range of activities: as a phone, email, text, occasional photos, some music and the Kindle app. So I never saw the point in updating the software, but we recently took the phones in to get some minor repairs and the tech offered to update them for us, so we said "why not."  Big mistake!  I lost my beloved Kindle app forever, because apparently the iPhone 3 can only be updated to a certain point at which the Kindle app is no longer available. I know it doesn't seem like a big deal to most of you, but now the phone seems almost useless to me. (If anyone knows a way to fix this, please let me know).

Okay, that is my petty personal complaint. The second reason Apple has jumped the shark is far more significant.

2. Patent Battles:  For the last three months the only headlines I've seen regarding Apple has been their constant battles to protect their so-called intellectual property. In fact, they seem far more intent on fighting than innovating, living in the past instead of the future. Perhaps they have legitimate stance in some cases and certainly some patents are worth protecting, but it seems to have gotten way out of hand. When I saw they got a patent on the shape of electronic devices, "a rectangle with curved edges", they had officially jumped the shark. This is the most ridiculous form of protectionism ever.  For all their billions of dollars and high-paid engineers, this is what they plan to fight for?  A company that once appeared to be the pinnacle of unique innovators, now appears weak, petty, and pathetic.

UPDATE: Apple's shares swallow biggest loss in four years

They're finished.  At least with me they are.  I'm going to replace my iPhones and iPad with Samsung products as much out of protest as in pursuit of better quality.

Please tell me where I'm wrong because I'm clearly not a tech expert.

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