Successful Bloggers Must Have These 10 Intangible Qualities

Do you have what it takes to be a successful blogger?

J.P. Hicks:

Blogging is a great way to make extra money or even a full-time income.  I love the freedom it gives me to work on my own schedule and to travel anywhere I want while still making a living. Even though I'm convinced anyone can become a successful blogger, it's not as easy as it may seem.

First, creating quality content does not guarantee that you will be successful. Producing good content is a prerequisite to successful blogging, not the golden ticket. Some of the best writers on the internet lack the knowledge to optimize and monetize their content, so they usually end up freelancing for bloggers who do know how.

Besides the ability to create unique content for the Web, new bloggers must learn as much as they can about the Internet and blogging in order to design a winning blog strategy. Vital areas to gain knowledge in include social media strategies, keyword use and SEO techniques, content marketing, money-making vehicles, and even some basic blog design.

However, these are just the tangible technical skills that are needed to make money blogging. Turning a blog into your full-time income also requires intangible qualities that all entrepreneurs need to be successful.  Yes, successful bloggers are all entrepreneurs because they must treat their blog like a business.

As such, many of the same characteristics found in entrepreneurs will be found in successful bloggers.  Let's take a look at some of these intangibles and how they relate to blogging:

Passion:  I'd say 90% of a blog's success is due to the writer's passion for the subject matter.  If you're blogging about topics that you love, then making money is just a bonus. If you wake up everyday beaming with enthusiasm for your blog, it will shine through in your content even if you're not the best writer in your niche. And all the other necessary tasks won't ever feel quite like "work" if you're passionate about your blog.

Thirst for Knowledge: Curiosity naturally follows passion.  Bloggers must possess a strong thirst for knowledge about their niche in order to boil down potentially complicated concepts, the latest trends, news, and facts in an organized fashion for their readers. This thirst for knowledge must also extend to learning about the blogging profession for you to constantly be improving your business.

Professionalism:  Again, if you expect your blog to be a financial success, you must treat it like a business. Be professional in every aspect of your blog from writing content, answering email or responding to comments, to dealing with advertisers, etc.  Always be respectful when faced with criticisms and reader's concerns.

Diligence: There is no getting rich quick with blogging.  It takes time to build up your readership and gain search engine recognition.  And, unfortunately, most bloggers give up before they make any money because they lack the diligence to keep at it.  Consider every single task you do for your blog to be planting, fertilizing and watering seeds that will eventually blossom into abundant organic traffic, and money.

Disciplined:  It's great to be your own boss, but all entrepreneurs and bloggers need to be disciplined enough to get their work done without being told what to do. And a full-time income from blogging usually requires a full-time effort. Therefore, you must have the discipline to set goals and stay focused on your completing your tasks.

Opinionated:  Most successful bloggers are quite opinionated. This doesn't meant that you have to be close minded, but most blog readers are looking to justify their own opinions by following blogs that they agree with. Some may frown on this as preaching to the choir, but it's what attracts readers to certain niches.

Personal:  Not all blogs need to be overly personal.  In fact, your articles should use the word "you" much more so than "I".  However, the primary difference between dry informative content from news agencies and blogs is that readers get a chance to know bloggers. Additionally, sharing your own struggles and experiences is a powerful method to get loyal readers to bookmark or follow you because they can relate to you.

Thick Skinned:  If you're opinionated and sharing personal stories, you better have thick skin in order to keep your composure in the face of criticism. You don't want to react emotionally to a harsh comment on your blog. Again, it helps to be as respectful as possible in responding to personal attacks or any negative comments.

Social: Most entrepreneurs are very social and possess good salesmanship qualities.  But in the virtual world of blogging you can be a very shy person and still build a massive social following. You simply must be active in your primary social media accounts and engage as much as possible with your subscribers.

Tenacity: You must be tenacious, especially in regards to marketing your blog.  Nobody else is going to do it for you, so you must become a self-promoter. This doesn't mean that you can't be humble while doing it, but you must use every opportunity to promote your blog. For example, you should promote your blog in all of your email signatures, strategically link to older articles within your new ones, share your articles relentlessly to relevant sites, send personal emails to subscribers, write guest posts, ask gurus to Tweet your articles, etc.

Do you possess some or all of these qualities?  If so, you're well on your way to becoming a successful blogger.  And if you're weak in some of these areas, the first step is admitting it.  Now move on to improving on them.

Anyone can master the technical aspects of blogging or polish their writing skills, but improving in these intangible areas will ensure that your blog business becomes a success.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

J.P. Hicks is an entrepreneur, info-activist, pro blogger, editor of Blog Tips and author of a book about blogging. Follow @ Twitter, or like on Facebook and get the FREE ebook SEO For Bloggers.

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