10 Tips for Effective Article Marketing

Article marketing is continuing to prove itself as one of the most powerful ways for businesses to increase brand awareness and for bloggers to grow their readership numbers.

Article or content marketing is where bloggers write an informative guest post for article directories that link back to a website or product/service the writer is promoting.

When it’s done right, you can use article marketing to find new customers and increase the number of sales or boost overall traffic to your blog.

To use article marketing effectively, here are ten tips to consider as you begin forming your strategy:

Aim for quality and quantity.

If you want to be successful in your article marketing, it is important to find a balance between writing quality articles and writing a useful quantity of them. You can sit down and churn out ten articles a day, but if they are full of useless and indistinctive information that no one cares to read, you are wasting your time. Plan, instead, to set a goal to write only a few quality articles each day and put all of your effort into doing just that.

Your headline is the bait.

The first thing that readers are going to notice is your article headline, so you have to make it appealing. Does it promise to answer their question? Does it grab their attention? Does it make them want to read the rest of the article? Spend time on your article title to make sure that it not only sounds good but sounds like an article they have to read. Having your headline start with a phrase like “How to” or “Top 10” is very effective at drawing in readers.  Learn to write great blog titles.

Find your right keywords.

Know what keywords and phrases are going to be searched for most online. Write down your important niche keywords and then do research to see how Internet search users are entering their own queries into search engines like Google. The Google AdWords tool is handy in that you can enter in your keywords and see how many people are searching for them. You will also see what different phrasing is used around those keywords. Always choose keywords and phrases that make sense. For example, “the best car insurance rates” has a better flow than “car insurance rates best.” Learn more about how to find keywords.

Maintain the right keyword density.

The last thing you want to do once you’ve found your right keywords is to over-saturate each article with them. This can cause your content to sound unnatural and throw off the message of the article. Remember: you are writing for the readers, not the search engines. The better your writing, the more readers are going to share your content, which will help with your ranking naturally. The acceptable amount of keyword density is about 2%, so for a 500-word article, use variations of your keywords no more than 10 times. (Get free SEO For Bloggers Ebook)

Make it easy to read.

With online content, readers typically do not have enough attention span to get through a long and wordy article. Break up the article into chunks by adding bullet lists where you can. You can also break the content down under sub-headlines. Readers tend to scan quickly over an article to see if it has the information they need before settling in to read it from the beginning.

Always proofread and do a spelling and grammar check.

The point of writing articles is to show others that you are knowledgeable and even an expert in your niche. You want readers to be confident that you will tell them all they need to know. That image is damaged each time you have a number of misspelled words or grammatical mistakes in your content. Always stop and run your articles through the spell checker and grammar checks to catch and correct mistakes before you publish your article online.

Stay on top of industry trends.

Whatever your niche, be sure to do research often in order to stay current on what people are talking about, what they want to know, what they need. This will help give you more ideas of what topics you should be writing about.

Get your articles to go viral.

Once you submit your articles and they are approved on various article directories, you can give them an added boost and help them to go viral by bookmarking them on websites like Reddit, Digg and StumbleUpon as well as adding them to your websites and blogs.

Create an effective Resource Box.

Your resource box is where you get the opportunity to tell readers more about you and your business. Do not write a one-line description and attach a link to your website and call it good. Give details that are important to readers to show them you are an expert. Include your contact information and a call-to-action like “click here for a free e-book.”

Each of these article marketing tips will help you to build an effective strategy to benefit your blog or business. Get started making the best content possible as guest posts to syndicate on article directories.  Each article will represent a lure to bring new people to your brand.

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