How To Create a PDF & Embed It With Blogger

One of the challenges working with a Blogger site is there’s no server space to store files on. You’re permitted to upload images to your blog posts, but there’s no ability to store any other type of file. With paid web hosting you can host just about any file type you want, but without server access on Blogger, you need to find an alternative method to store files.

Say you want to deliver a PDF file to your readers. Perhaps you have a short guide or e-book that you’d like to give away, and Blogger can’t host the file for you.

If you have a word doc, excel, or powerpoint file, it’s recommended to convert it to a PDF format prior to making the file available for download. If you have Office 2007 or newer, the ability to create PDF files is already built in. Simply go to Office Button, Save As, and Choose Adobe PDF.

If you don’t have office 2007, try Open Office. It’s completely free and a near replica of the Microsoft Office Suite. It also has the ability to save to PDF built in.

Once you have your PDF file you need to find a host. There are dozens of free ones out there, any from this list below should work fine. You just need to setup an account, and upload your PDF file to it.

Media Fire
Google Docs
Rapid Share
4 Shared

Once you’ve uploaded your file, you’ll need to find the sharing link. Each of these providers will have a slightly different interface, but they will all provide a direct link to the PDF file you have uploaded. Once you have this link you’ll need to share it with your visitors.

To do this, simply hyperlink any text in your blog post, and point it to the file. You should also make sure the link opens in a new window instead of taking the user away from your page

Once you've inserted the link and hit OK that's all there is to it. Just publish the post and your PDF is now ready to be downloaded by your visitors.

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