10 Tips for Beginners to Set Up a Blog Properly

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If you’re interested in starting a blog for profit, or have a blog that’s not performing as well as you think it should, there are a few core blogging tips that may help you make more money with your blog.

1. Choose your niche carefully. It’s best to be interested in your subject matter or an expert in your field. However, choosing a blog topic to make money with is important. Sometimes a more narrow focus can be more profitable as it's easier to optimize and if there are targeted affiliate products available. Generally, it’s best to plan for a broad topic and optimize small sub-topics within the blog.

2. Start your blog on an easy-to-use interface like Blogger or WordPress so you don’t have to waste too much time learning to manage your blog. Your time is much better spent on creating content and building up your social networks.

3. Create your primary categories or labels geared toward key phrases related to your subject matter. And identify the search strength of keywords (use Google Keyword tool) and make the most popular phrases your categories.

4. Make a list of article titles that you plan to write using the keyword phrases that you’re targeting. Not only will these blog titles get SEO recognition for your blog once their posted, this step will help you stay focused when you don’t know what to write.

5. Create easy-to-read content: Don’t use big words or dense paragraphs. Create lists like this article with 1-3 sentence paragraphs broken up by a space. Use photos wherever possible. And make sure each article gives the reader something of value.

6. Build your following: Set up a feed of your blog posts to your social networks and place invite buttons prominently to attract new followers to your blog. Add share buttons after each article. Your social media followers will provide the fuel for your primary traffic.

7. Identify guest posting opportunities where you can submit your material to higher ranked sites. These sites usually allow you to include a couple of links to your blog which will provide excellent exposure for your new blog. Also, syndicate your material to places like Yahoo! Contributors, Ezine Articles and Squidoo to build backlinks.

8. Start a newsletter for visitors to sign up for daily email alerts or weekly special reports. This helps build your target audience and may be monetized once you reach a respectable level of subscribers. Consider offering a free report or gift to encourage sign-ups. Use MailChimp to manage your list; it’s cheap and a huge time saver.

9. Implement the most easily manageable monetization vehicles to your new blog; Google Adsense, Amazon Associates, 1-2 top affiliate programs, write sponsored posts and reviews, offer sponsored link opportunities, and use BuySellAds.com to manage direct advertisers.

10. Write, write, and write some more, and watch your blog grow organically in followers, traffic, and profit as people share your amazingly thoughtful content. No blog tip is more important than creating consistent and compelling content.

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