Google Knowledge Graph Search Tool Identifies Meanings of Keywords

What will Google's Knowledge Graph mean for traditional SEO and search traffic?

J.P. Hicks: 

Google has introduced its latest search tool, the Knowledge Graph, which will be rolling over the next few days.

The Knowledge Graph will put less emphasis on matching keywords to specific webpages. Instead it's designed to determine the meanings of keywords and provide answers directly on Google.

In addition to providing traditional search results, the Knowledge Graph results will offer a wide range of answers to search queries directly on the results page. In other words, instead of finding the correct Wikipedia article that has the answer, the information will appear in a type of Googlepedia display.

Instead of using the typical search strength of a particular answer, this new feature will draw "facts" from places like Wikipedia for historical information, CIA World Factbook for geopolitical answers, the World Bank for economic facts, Freebase for information about people and other predetermined sources.

These pre-chosen results will be served up in a separate display window that will appear to the right of traditional results.

Google Knowledge Graph Display - Source Google

Google says the philosophy behind the Knowledge Graph is to help find “Things Not Strings”.  It uses artificial intelligence to determine the meaning of keywords instead of just displaying results that measured the keyword's themselves.

Their stated goal is to prevent users from surfing through websites that may not be specifically what the user is looking for.  Watch their video introducing the new tool below:

Read more about it at Google or try it out here.

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