5 Most Profitable Blogging Subjects

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If you’re looking to start a new blog to make money, there are a few topics that stand out for their popularity and profitability.

First, you must know that in order to truly be a successful blogger, you should be passionate about your subject matter.

If you’re robotically writing material and aggregating content simply because you think it will make money, you’ll likely get burnt out before you make anything substantial. You can’t fake passion and your readers will sense that you aren’t genuine.

In fact, passion is probably more important to your blogging success than your choice in a popular subject. There’s an audience for all topics large and small, so focus on what moves you more than what appears to be popular.

However, for the people who simply want to blog themselves a job and have the discipline to stay focused, there are some subjects that are the most competitive in terms of ad revenue because of their popularity. If you happen to be passionate about these topics, then you have a winning combination for profit.

Here are the blogging subjects with the most potential:

1. Finance and Investments

Admittedly, the finance and investment sector is already saturated with bloggers. It’s part of the reason why it’s so competitive in terms of ad revenue. Because of the saturation, it’s best to focus on your micro niche area of interest or expertise.

Are you into stocks, bonds, real estate, precious metals, etc? Stick to what you know best and put out the broadest possible content within your niche.

Adsense ads will pay you up to $10-per-click in this field and there are tons of affiliate programs and other direct advertiser opportunities.

2. Natural Health

More and more people are increasingly looking for alternatives to so-called “modern medicine.” Websites like Mercola.com and NaturalNews.com are massively popular. And relatively new blogs like NaturalSociety.com have climbed in rank very quickly.

Besides the competitiveness of Adsense campaigns for these topics, there are 100’s if not 1000’s of affiliate programs to promote in this field.

3. Technology

The technology field ranges from electronic gadgets, to web design, to gaming and everything in between. The technology field is also saturated, but readers are ferocious information seekers and advertisers are plentiful.

Again, focus on your niche and assume you’re writing to people who know absolutely nothing. Many tech gurus or web development/blogging experts have naturally moved to a more advanced audience. Write helpful tips to newbies and you’ll have an audience seeking to learn.

Advertising in this field is perhaps the most diverse out of any subject. Therefore, besides the competitiveness of Google ads, offering ad space at places like BuySellAds.com would likely bring high fill rates.

4. Parenting and Education

I know a guy who ran a survey to find out what was the most popular “how to” subject for an ebook. The response was overwhelming for one topic “How to teach kids to swim”. It seems odd, I know, but he wrote the book using several existing sources and made a fortune.

Parents love their kids more than anything in the world. Starting a blog with helpful parenting or educational information will be a homerun if you’re passionate about it.

Adsense campaigns are very competitive for secondary education and will deliver great returns per click. There are also enough advertisers targeting the young parent sector that you’ll get good fill rates on your direct advertising slots.

5. Politics and Alternative News

Alternative news is growing leaps and bounds. More people are discovering the mainstream media has been less than truthful and are getting their news online. The truth movement is happening in health, economics, politics, activism, environment, and so much more.

Although mainstream advertisers are lacking in this field, heavy traffic will always translate into income on Adsense and other CPM networks. Affiliate products are also plentiful.

Bonus subject:

Travel is also an excellent blog subject that can earn you a nice income.  Significantly, travel bloggers make money not from traffic, but from writing and hosting sponsored posts for their blog.  Because the online travel industry is so competitive, you can make over $500 per post depending on your blog's ranking.

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